FAQs: Benefits

When do I qualify for them?

Appendix III-A, page 102, of the Collective Agreement has a Chart that summarizes when instructors are eligible for the various medical and dental benefits.

For more information about coverage consult your Collective Agreement and the Employees’ Benefits Booklet.

In summary

  • For all Regular Instructors, coverage is as below except that qualifying periods are shortened from 10 months to one month.
  • For Term Instructors at half-time or more and with appointments of one month or more in length, holidays and vacation are included in one’s pay
  • For Auxiliary Instructors (those appointed for on-call work usually a day or two at a time) and for less than half-time Term Instructors (those appointed for a set period), there are no benefits except statutory holidays and vacation time which is pre-calculated in one’s rate of pay

After 10 months within 12 consecutive months:

  • Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability coverage start (STD is Employee-paid and LTD is Employer-paid)
  • Dental Plan coverage starts (Employer-paid)
  • Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance starts (Employer-paid). Instructors may elect to purchase further Life Insurance at this point at their own expense.
  • Medical Services Plan and Extended Health Benefits start after the first month (Employer-paid premiums)