Layoffs & Recall

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FAQs: Layoffs and Recall

Here are some common questions about layoffs and recall. Please do talk to your steward about your specific situation.

1. Can members receive a layoff notice while on leave? Sick leave? Maternity leave?
They can receive an advanced notice. It is the union’s position that they cannot receive the actual notice while on leave. This would contravene our Collective Agreement rights and Employment Standards. The person would receive their notice when they return to work from leave.

2. When does a person on layoff notice take their holidays?
Holidays are paid out at the time the person is laid off. Holidays are not part of the notice period. However, if the member requests to take holidays during the notice period, they may do so. It would be best if the request were in writing and copied to the VCCFA..

3. Can a member on layoff notice get professional development time?
An instructor must work at least 7 months at 50% in the fiscal year to be entitled to PD. So, yes a member on notice may be eligible for PD. If entitled to PD time, then also entitled to PD funds.

4. How does a member get on a recall list?
Members are automatically on recall for their own area unless they take severance. If instructors apply to transfer to an area where they meet the hiring criteria, but do not have the necessary seniority to transfer, they can go on the recall list for that area. Members could be on the recall list for as many areas as they are qualified for.

5. Where are the Hiring Criteria?
There are Hiring Criteria for each area in the College (see the list of areas in Appendix II, Pages 88-91 of your Collective Agreement). Binders with the Hiring Criteria are in the Broadway and downtown union offices, in Human Resources and online.

6. Can a member apply to transfer or go on the recall list for an area later on?
No, the time to apply for transfer and/or recall is within one month after the actual notice is issued. The College will let those on the recall list know when there are new postings.

7. Once a member has transferred, can they go ‘ back home’?
No, the area to which the member transfers becomes the new home area. One can only go back home if there is another layoff in the future from the new home area and one applies for transfer back, etc.

8. What is temporary recall?
It is recall for less than 4 months or less than the time status one had before layoff. A member can say no to temporary recall without losing recall rights.

9. Can a member on recall work as a sub? Does it count as recall work?
All members on recall should let the College know if they wish to be considered for sub work. Deans will encourage departments to call those on the recall list first. Any work done while on recall is recall work and treated as such. This means it is paid at the appropriate step placement and extends the recall date.

10. What happens when a person is recalled and they’re not able to take the work?
They can say no if it is temporary recall. If it is full recall, they will receive a letter and have 15 days to reply. If they do not accept full recall, they will lose their recall rights. Before this happens, they will want to claim their severance if applicable. Anyone in this situation should contact the union.

11. When can a person take their severance?
Any time within the 24-month recall period. Once the severance is taken, the employment relation is broken and there is no right to recall.

12. Can instructors on recall take courses sponsored by Human Resources?
Yes. It is on a first come, first serve basis. The information will be available on the VCC website.

13. Can instructors on recall keep access to their College e-mail? library card?
Yes, they need to let the College and Library know before they leave.

14. Can instructors on recall attend Union meetings?
Yes, they remain union members for their recall period. Anyone on recall can attend meetings, vote, and work on committees, or be elected to a union position.

15. How does severance impact on Employment Insurance?
We advise you to contact the EI office. The web site is

16. Can a person on recall be covered by medical/dental benefits?
Yes they can purchase them. The cost is attached. If working 50% on recall, for 30 days or more, benefits will be covered. You do not have to purchase all the coverage. The cost below is effective January 1, 2012.

Benefits need to be paid quarterly. There is no option in and out.