FAQs: Regularization

What is it?

This is the process by which instructors move from term status to regular status.

Most instructors start under term appointments. If these term appointments continue at half-time or more for about 19 months (380 days) out of any continuous 24 months they automatically become regular instructors on the first of the month following. Not more than 202 days (about 10 months) in a fiscal year can count towards regularization. After 6 months of term appointments, further appointments must be offered by seniority so one can have an expectation of re-appointment. Term instructors are expected to have successful summative evaluations. There can be no more than two in any two-year period.

Notes: It is possible for a person to be hired directly as a regular instructor at VCC; in these cases one’s first year is probationary during which one goes through summative evaluation. We do not have regular status at less than half time.