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FAQs: Union and Management

Where is the line between union and management?

As is often the case in the college sector some traditional management functions such as scheduling are handled for the most part by the department and at the department level. These functions are set out in our Collective Agreement.

The forty plus Department Heads are in the union as are 3 Instructional Associates and several Coordinators and Assistant Department Heads.

Excluded management effectively has three levels: Dean or Director, Vice-President and President.

Union/Management Consultation Meetings

Article 3.11 of the Collective Agreement obligates the College to manage “significant matters” using “consultative processes” and both parties acknowledge that the “active and continuing” participation of the VCCFA is required.

“Significant” applies to any matter so identified by another party and “consultative” is defined as “processes that involve the serious exchange of information and ideas before action is taken”.

The Union and College meet regularly under the auspices of this Article to discuss a wide range of issues. If you wish to have the Union raise a significant issue please contact the office.

Joint Steering Committee

Article 3.10 sets up this task-oriented union/management committee. Since 1990 it has worked on a variety of issues and procedures that have become part of the Collective Agreement.

The Election or Selection of Instructors with Responsibility Allowances (IRAs); Evaluation and Appraisal of IRAs; Evaluation and Appraisal Procedures for Instructors; Hiring Procedures and Area Designation have all gone through the Joint Steering Committee. *

* Currently the Joint Steering Committee continues to monitor and review the general Evaluation and Appraisal processes.