Wage Scale

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FAQs: Wage Scale

How much do I make?

The following wages are in effect till February, 2017.

In our system we negotiate the annual wage and all other wages are derived from it. There is therefore only one scale for all members. Members may notice a “rate” on their pay slips, which do not conform to the derived hourly rates below. This is because that “rate” is an artificial number that the College’s computer system uses in order to come as close as possible to the correct pay amount.

VCC-VCCFA Collective Agreement – 2014-2019 – Salary Schedule – Draft

*  There will be an across-the-board salary lift of 1% effective February 12, 2017, which may be augmented by the Economic Stability Dividend for 2015-16 as well.  We will update this chart at that time