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To all faculty

On August 8, 2017, in Victoria, Premier John Horgan announced that effective September 1st the Government is eliminating tuition fees on Adult Basic Education and English Language Learning Programs.

There will likely be some bumps along the road as the College works to accommodate the tremendous backlog of students needing these programs.

However, today is a celebration of the good work of so many faculty who made this happen (Taryn, Andrew, Lynn and Gary just to name a few). I also want to thank the Federation of Post-secondary Educators for the financial support in launching both our ‘ESL Matters’ campaign in 2014 and our ‘Who is ABE?’ campaign this spring. Together we made this happen!


Premier Horgan removes roadblocks to Adult Basic Education and English Language Learning programs (August 8, 2017)

VCC Media Release: Government announcement on Adult Basic Education and ELS tuition

ABE and ESL tuition announcement – Q & A

Hon. Melanie Mark’s Mandate Letter

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