To all Faculty
August 21, 2015

Since my last couple of emails to you regarding a CUPE petition and pending layoffs due to low enrolment numbers, the rumours about an imminent closure of the downtown campus have come to a head in a Tyee article today.

There is no question that enrolment numbers are low and that we are already feeling the effects of the re-instatement of tuition fees for ABE and EAL programs.

However, this Tyee article and the CUPE petition only serve to increase stress and anxiety for all concerned, and have the potential to cause more harm than good. We need to work together to attract students to VCC, not create such doubt or alarm that students choose not to enrol.

To this end, I have written to the Minister of Advanced Education requesting that he publicly state that VCC will not be closed.

These are very difficult times for us all. Please be assured your Faculty Association remains committed to calling on government to restore funding, to reinstate tuition-free ABE and EAL programs, and to protecting our members to the greatest extent possible as we face yet more lay-offs. We are not retreating from the fight – but we will engage in that fight based on facts, not rumour.

Please call or email me if you have questions.

Karen Shortt, President
Vancouver Community College Faculty Association

Cell Phone 604-992-1464
Office Phone 604-688-6210
Main Office Address: Suite 401 – 402 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6

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About us

The VCCFA is the result of many transformations, all of them the work of a free, democratic association of education workers.

We created the VIA at VVI when it was one of the province’s network of vocational schools–two decades before community colleges came into being. Later, we took in the ESL, Special Needs, Adult Basic Education and College Preparatory faculty of the Special Programs Division of what was briefly Vancouver City College, headquartered at the old King Edward High School site at 12th and Oak. It was an integral part of the Vancouver School Board’s adult education programme. We did not allow distinctions to be made against our librarians and counsellors and they too became part of the union. We lost colleagues to other institutions, and gained others at different times.

All through these transformations we continued the struggle for a voice in the operations of the College, equitable working conditions and fair treatment. The struggles themselves were transforming–from the few high-profile strikes to the daily and weekly work of the members of the executive, stewards and committee representatives.

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