Committees Structure

The VCCFA participates in every committee at Vancouver Community College. We strive to sit at every table and be a part of as much of the decision making as we can. Many faculty members volunteer to serve on committees as part of their professional responsibilities, and the VCCFA regularly puts out calls to faculty asking for participation in various committees.

Community Action Committee

The VCCFA have one standing committee that is solely the Faculty Association’s, and that is the Community Action Committee. 
The purpose of this committee is to make donations (to a total of 1% of the FA annual budget) to deserving charities in the neighbourhoods of VCC’s campuses, and also in the areas where many of our students live.

Members of the Committee

John Demeulemeester

Executive Liaison

Maureen Kelbert


Jane Parker

Lorraine Rehnby

Maureen Mills

Morna McLeod

Sarah Allen

Anti-Racism Advisory Committee



This Committee shall advise the VCCFA Executive, and through the Executive the VCCFA membership, on issues and problems within the VCC workplace that have or involve demonstrable or implicit evidence or characteristics of racism. These include what is often referred to as structural or institutional racism. The Committee’s advice may include recommendations for dealing with such matters. The Committee may also advise the Executive on improvements to the VCCFA Constitution and Bylaws, to the Collective Agreement and to College Policies that should be sought. 

Members of the Committee

Brianna Higgins

Vesna Radivojevic

Janita Schappert

Jeremy White

Kelly Wightman

Executive Liaison

Bobbi Mand


Sigrid Albert

Caroline Brunt

Jennifer Cummins

Michele Rosko