Committee Structure for 2018/2019

revised Thursday, September 27, 2018

VCCFA Committees

Community Action Committee

The purpose of this committee is to make donations (to a total of 1% of the FA annual budget) to deserving charities in the neighbourhoods of VCC’s campuses, and also in the areas where many of our students live.    Contact:  Vice President

John Demeulemeester, Vice President (Executive Liaison)

Sarah Allen  – Chair     /     Jane Parker     /     Lynn Horvat     /     Carrie Leggatt  /  Maureen Kelbert  /  Lynn Horvat   /   Ella-Fay Zalezsak   /   Morna McLeod

Advisory Committee (Students with Disabilities)

Taryn Thomson   /   Andrew Candela


This committee prepares and monitors appropriate changes to the bylaws.  Contact:  President

Karen Shortt, President

David Branter  /     Frank Cosco

Budget/Investment Committee

This is a committee made up of Executive members who help the Treasurer with investment decisions.  The committee was struck at the request of the President.  Contact:  Treasurer

Karen Shortt, President

John Demeulemeester, Vice President     /     Taryn Thomson, Treasurer     /     David Branter, Secretary

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees (All campuses)

Broadway Campus

Robert Kunka, Automotive Service Technician     /     Margaret Buxton, CCA

Downtown Campus

John Demeulemeester (Executive Liaison)     /     Keith Krentz, Culinary Arts

Annacis Island

Matt Wheatley, Heavy Duty Commercial Transport     /     Scott Urquhart, Heavy Duty Commercial Transport

Negotiating Committee (2019)

This committee is elected prior to bargaining and remains in place until the bargaining has been completed.  This committee was elected at the June 14, 2018 General Meeting.

Frank Cosco, Chair     /     Karen Brooke      /     John Demeulemeester       /     Elena Kuzmina     /     Deirdre Morgan   /     Alison Woods

Non Regular Instructors Group

This committee looks at the working conditions, needs and rights of non regular instructors.  Committee meetings are open to all VCCFA members, but we particularly want to encourage term and auxiliary instructors to attend.

Andrew Candela, Chair

Nominating Committee

This ad hoc group is struck two months prior to the AGM.


This is an ad hoc group that responds to the need for publicity, media responses or a lobbying campaign.  Contact:  President

Vancouver & District Labour Council

We are members of Vancouver’s oldest local labour organization.  It provides a way for a broad alliance of unions with common causes to support one another.

Current delegates are:  Frank Cosco, Karen Shortt

VCCFA Cheryl Draper Memorial Scholarship Committee

This committee meets to award the annual scholarship.  A committee, made up of at least three VCCFA members (usually one VCCFA Executive member and often the parents of the last year’s scholarship recipients are on the committee).  Contact:  Vice President

Wayne Avery, Chair     /     Carrie Leggatt     /   Parent or spouse of the previous year recipients

Collective Agreement Committees

Joint Steering (Article 3.10)

Oversees evaluation and appraisal processes

2 VCCFA appointees and 2 Administrators     Contact:  Chief Steward

Karen Shortt      /     Frank Cosco

Education Leave (Article 8.3)

VCCFA appointees and Administrators

Judith Wallace     /     Wayne Avery

IRA Orientation

Karen Shortt     /     John Demeulemeester

3.11 Meetings

Karen Shortt     /     Frank Cosco     /     John Demeulemeester  – alternate

FPSE Standing Committees

Bargaining Coordination Committee (BCC)

Frank Cosco

Contract Administration Review Committee (CARC)

Frank Cosco

Decolonization, Reconciliation and Indigenization

Suzanne Touahria

Education Policy (EPC)

David Branter

Human Rights & International Solidarity (HRISC)

John Demeulemeester

Pension Advisory Committee (PAC)

Alison Woods

Professional and Scholarly Development Committee (PSDC)

Helga Mankhof

Status of Non Regular Faculty (NRFC)

Andrew Candela

Status of Women Committee (SWC)

Elena Kuzmina

Workplace Health, Safety & Environment Committee (WHSEC)

Scott Urquhart

FPSE Caucus Groups

GBLT Caucus     Mari Paz Vera

ITA     Frank Cosco

Policy Book     Frank Cosco

Organizing     Frank Cosco

ESL     Frank Cosco     /     Karen Shortt

UT     Wayne Avery     /     Judith Wallace

New U’s     Frank Cosco