All necessary forms for faculty members. 

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Basic Forms

Educational Leave

Education Leave Application Form updated December 2017

Education Leave Application Form updated December 2017

The current Collective Agreement provides for a total of 33 months Education Leave per year. When you apply, you need to consider that your application will be competing with many others for these limited months of Education Leave. The application submission deadline is February 1st.

Education Leave Guidelines REVISED December 2017

Professional Development

Guidelines for Faculty Adjudicated Professional Development

Summary of funding guidelines: (October 2019)

  1. Faculty can only apply for up to 3 separate PD activities on one application form as long as the total request does not exceed $1000 for Adjudicated PD and $3500 for Common PD.  Only one request from each of the funds will be allowed each fiscal year.
  2. Faculty are eligible for Adjudicated and/or Common PD Funds every second year.
  3. Applications will only be accepted from faculty members who did not receive funds in the last fiscal year.
  4. Waitlists will not be maintained.  The Committee will put out a call if there are any remaining funds.
  5. Only applications submitted to with complete documentation will be considered.
  6. To avoid delays, we recommend that you read the guidelines carefully.  The eligible expenses and the reimbursement process has changed.


All applications and communication will be via a dedicated email

Faculty Adjudicated Professional Development Application Form
Regular Professional Development