Education Leave

Education Leave Application Form updated December 2017

The Current Collective Agreement provides for a total of 33 months Education Leave per year. When you apply, you need to consider that your application will be competing with many others for these limited months of Education Leave.

The application submission deadline is February 1st.

Common & Adjudicated Professional Development

In an effort to streamline application processes the Joint Faculty/Administration Common and Adjudicated Professional Development Funds Committee has removed the alternating year eligibility provision for funds effective January 2017.

Faculty PD funding applications will be adjudicated on a first come-first served basis each year. Common PD funds applications can include up to 3 different and unique PD activities on one Application Form. All applications and communication need to be emailed to


Step by step review of the new process:

  1. Check with your department leader if you are eligible for Professional Development.  Collective Agreement language states that all term and regular faculty employed half time or more, who complete 7 months of service within the fiscal year shall be entitled to professional development
  2. Complete the fillable Application Form found below.
  3. Scan all necessary documentation
  4. Email complete application package to
  5. Any questions about your application should also be emailed to
  6. You will receive an auto response when your application is received.  Allow up to 6 weeks for applications to be processed.  A formal communication of the funding request will be emailed by the Vice President Academic office.

All applications and communication will be via a dedicated email