Professional Development

Vancouver Community College is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. One of the College’s greatest assets is a faculty who is committed to developing and teaching excellent programs.

For faculty, professional development is a commitment to excellence as professionals. As the College has an obligation to provide support in time and money, the faculty have an obligation to continue building their discipline, expertise, and teaching abilities.

Regular Faculty Professional Development Funds

Regular Faculty Professional Development Funds Handbook
(updated April 2021)

Application Form:
Regular Professional Development Funds Money Request
(updated June 2021)

Adjudicated and Common Faculty PD Funds

Adjudicated and Common Faculty PD Funds
(updated February 2024)

Application Form:
Adjudicated and Common Faculty PD Funds
(updated May 2023)

Service Innovation and Enhancement Fund 

Letter of Understanding:
Service Innovation and Enhancement Fund 
(Updated February 2021)

Service Innovation and Enhancement Fund 
(Updated January 2024)


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What can I use Professional Development Funds for?

Each professional development fund has its own specific requirements and intended use. For common and adjudicated funds, please consult the official guidelines for its requirements, located here (we need to have an updated link) . Generally, for common and adjudicated funds, instructors can undertake the following activities: 

  1. Events or activities that realize or further the College’s Integrated Plan or a Department’s strategic direction; 
  2. Tuition for educational qualifications; 
  3. Presenting or attending conferences or events (including travel, meals, registration, and accommodation); 
  4. Provincial Instructors Diploma (PID) reimbursements: There is currently a very limited budget for PID fee waivers, which is separate from these funds. Faculty should first check with the School of Instructor Education department if they can apply for a fee waiver before submitting an application for reimbursement of fees to ACPD Funds. Consider the full cost of the program for that fiscal year instead of applying for funds for individual courses; 
  5. Group requests: School or Department workshops on topics that further the College Integrated Plan or Department strategic direction. The group should submit one form, signed off by Department sponsor or Department Leader indicating the faculty members participating in the activity. Group applications will be held to the same alternating year criteria as individuals; 
  6. Events identified by the Dean, Director or Vice President as supporting the College Integrated Plan or Department strategic direction; and
  7. Other activities or events.

For Regular PD eligibility, refer to Appendix X of the collective agreement, located here. Generally, members can apply for the following under regular PD funds:

  • Applied research, publishing
  • Conferences
  • Courses/Programs
  • Liaison and visits with industry
  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Performing/Presenting
  • Purchase of books
  • Purchase of software
  • Cost of basic home internet service
  • Purchase of computer hardware and digital devices that are used in the performance of the faculty member's duties
  • Purchase of specialized supplies necessary for workshops or other specific professional development activities
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Study of new techniques and technology; and
  • Other approved activities.
What can I NOT use Professional Development Funds for?

Common and Adjudicated PD Funds cannot be used for things which Regular PD funds mostly cover: books, computers, software, activities not related to professional development, fees to maintain professional association memberships (e.g. licenses) or other purchases considered to be taxable benefits.


Regular PD Funds cannot be used to cover office supplies; travelling expenses or accomodations when a member's main reason for travel is vacation; professional dues, licences; costs of covering a substitute faculty member. 

How do I apply for Professional Development Funds?

Common and Adjudicated: Funds can be applied for on or after December 1st of each fiscal year. Please refer to Common and Adjudicated Guidelines for detailed application process (link here). 


Regular PD Funds Committee: Send out an email before the February 28th deadline with the information and documents that need to be filled out. 

What are reasons the request form may be sent back to me?

Forms will be sent back when they are not fully completed, are late and have missed their application date; forms may be sent back for revision or when they do not meet the criteria outlined for their specific request.